Information Warfare: Chinese microchips

There has been a report of the Chinese made motherboards of certain servers have an implanted surveillance microchip implanted in them. Being that there is a trade war going on between the United States and china, what better way to infiltrate the United States information infrastructure that to implant surveillance chips into Chinese made motherboards. Supposedly, these chips were implanted in servers used by numerous companies in the United States including Apple, Amazon, and even the Department of Defense. The Chinese military could surely have pulled this off even though some companies deny that they have surveillance chips inside their servers. A company called Supermicro reportedly created the microchip but they deny that they have made any kind of chips for the use of surveillance.

Would China do something so deceptive? I would say that they would. Just because it is merely just a trade war going on with china it is still a war. China has manpower by the billions and their military is as powerful these days as they ever were. Penetrating the information infrastructure of the United States is probably one of the highest priorities of the Chinese military these days especially with the trade war going on. Apple and Amazon discovered the surveillance chips back in 2015 and worked to eliminate the chips since then, even though they both deny having ever had been exposed to the chips. The discreteness of the microchips raises a concern because those chips could have been there for years. No one knows the extent of what kind of information can be obtained from these microchips. I am sure since they found the chips that the United States government has probably dissected the chips and did a full investigation.

Supposedly, there has been a top-secret FBI investigation going on since 2015 about the microchips from china. There is billions of dollars on the line with the trade war between china and the United States which means that information warfare could be one of the top lines of offence and defense in this trade war. Even though the companies deny that their systems were affected by the microchips, I would not doubt that they actually were affected. I think that it is very devious of the Chinese to use their manufacturing of motherboard as a stepping-stone to the deployment of an information warfare tactic. Even though there is an FBI investigation going on about these microchips I am sure that there will not be any more talk about it for a long time. The FBI and the United States government usually keep secrets for a long while.

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Author: John Rowan

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