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  • Orion Nebula

    Recently I took a trip to cherry springs state park. There was a full moon but I was excited to try some new equipment that I got. I hope you like this photo. The equipment I was trying out was the Starsense, a focuser and dew heaters with everything being controlled with an Xbox controller … Continue reading “Orion Nebula”

  • Messier 103

    Here are some of the first images I have ever taken when I started astrophotography. These images are of Messier 103. I hope you enjoy them. I took them with my Makustov Cassegrain 7″ and a Cannon 60D camera. Donate or Subscribe to support Copypasteearth!!!!

  • Whirlpool Galaxy

    Here are some pictures of the Whirlpool Galaxy that I took. These are with a Celestron C11, hyperstar, ASI mcpro camera, and guide scope. I tried to use a filter with the hyperstar to reduce the light pollution, but it blocked some colors from coming through. I still think it is a pretty awesome result … Continue reading “Whirlpool Galaxy”

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