Information Warfare: North Korean Agents

North Korea may not have a relatively sound information infrastructure but you can bet that they are training their people to indulge in the field of information warfare for the benefit of their country. North Korea is training their elite families in a school meant to transform these families into government and military workers. They are training them to be agents to track down and possibly kill defectors of North Korea. They will either kill them or convince them to come back to North Korea supposedly. The school called Mandyongdae will train agents to go to “enemy” countries to carry out plans to find certain defectors of their country. They are being trained in hacking skills and all of the underground hacking abilities along with speaking fluent South Korean with according accent. The most important skill that these students of the Mandyongdae school will learn is loyalty to North Korea.

Hunting down defectors using social media and other media outlets will be a strong training point for the students. North Korea is becoming more and more concerned with their people defecting to South Korea and China. These agents are also trained to monitor other North Korean hackers and determine their loyalty to the country. That is because many hackers from North Korea become defectors and release some very top secret information that is not too top secret anymore. These agents are difficult to identify or detect because of their intense training. With all of the sanctions put on North Korea, they are desperate for money, which is what many of the agents are after with their hacking abilities. The Chinese government approves these North Korean agents to work out of china in exchange for special favors and guarantee that they will not hack into any of Chinas networks.

South Korea claims that annually they spend about 800 million dollars in dealing with North Korean cyber attacks. North Korea always had it in for the South Korean people and they are sparing no expense to get the defectors eliminated. Many of the North Korean people want to leave because they find that the government is a complete failure and many flee the country every year. I think that Kim Jung Un truly wants better for his people because he met with president trump to discuss the ending of their nuclear program. The leaders of the United States and North Korea meeting up is a very rare thing to occur and aside from hacking, I would hope that North Korea really changes their government and frees their people to join the rest of the free world.

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Author: John Rowan

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