Whirlpool Galaxy

Here are some pictures of the Whirlpool Galaxy that I took. These are with a Celestron C11, hyperstar, ASI mcpro camera, and guide scope. I tried to use a filter with the hyperstar to reduce the light pollution, but it blocked some colors from coming through. I still think it is a pretty awesome result though. The next time I do this target, I’ll try to get all the color.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. 🔭

Crab Nebula M1

I took this picture a couple years ago around when I first started astrophotography. When I processed all of the data for this picture I was amazed at the result being that this is all unguided 30 second exposures. I used a 7″ MakCass and a Cannon 60D

It’s a little green but I think it’s pretty good for just starting off.

I hope you liked this post!!!!!

Bodes Nebulae M81

These are pictures of Bodes Nebulae M81 that were taken with a Celestron C11 with a hyperstar, guide scope, asimcpro camera, PHD2 for tracking, Siril stacking, and gimp post processing. My gimp skills aren’t that great yet, but improving.

This is the best post processed one I currently have.

Without post processing

So with the hyperstar, I was only able to do around 15-30 second subs. I think because the Focal ratio is reduced so much that the amount of light it is gathering washes out the exposure quicker. If you have any advice on how I can improve, please leave a comment. Thank you.

Ring Nebula Messier 57

These are pictures of the Ring Nebula I took with a 7″ MakCass, Cannon 60D, PHD2, OAG. Used Siril for stacking and gimp for postprocessing.

The best post processing I could do.

Zoomed in and cropped.

This is most of the frame

I hope you enjoyed this post. This is a hobby I really enjoy and it is nice to be able to share my progress with you all.

Stay tuned for more astrophotography from copypasteearth.com !!!!!!!!!!🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭

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