The Pros and Cons of Raiding Area 51

One of the latest crazes on the internet today is about people getting together and raiding area 51. Celebrities have stated that they are down to go raid area 51, and there is supposedly and event organized for a certain day when all of these people are going to get together and march into the unknown. One thing that is totally great about this event is that the memes are going to be gold for the rest of the world to enjoy and laugh about for probably a long time to come.

So what are some pros to people actually raiding area 51? With anything that goes on there are pros and cons and I have been thinking about this event lately even though I am not attending I have been thinking of the possibilities. You know I love the idea of a naked man space suit (By the way where do I sign up to be a tester of it) and my favorite animal is the tardigrade that can actually live in the vacuum of space. Any way here is a list of some pros I have been thinking about concerning raiding area 51.

  1. They discover that there really are aliens that have came to earth and are somehow being held captive there.
  2. The discovery of some types of alien technology like teleportation or telepathy.
  3. Secret weapons that are unheard of being experimented with
  4. The results of the age old experiment of what came first the chicken or the egg(trillions of dollars have probably been dumped into this)
  5. Maybe an alien spacecraft could be discovered being held in this facility.
  6. Years of research knowledge about things that no one has ever even heard of.
  7. Maybe the possibility of knowledge of habitable planets that has not been released to the public.
  8. Secret alien recipes for 5 star alien restaurants haha

Not only is this mission to raid area 51 not well thought out and pretty much ridiculous, it is a secret place for a reason. So I get to the cons of raiding area 51. I really hope that people do raid area 51 just because I would like to see what comes of it. There are some pros that I think would come of it but there are many more cons associated with raiding a top secret facility.

  1. Armed Guards
  2. Releasing an alien toxin into the atmosphere.
  3. Armed Guards killing civilians to protect area 51 secrets.
  4. The aliens there want to remain secret and if word gets out they will destroy earth because they are so technologically advanced to even be able to travel this far.
  5. Armed Guards
  6. The military nukes area 51 to destroy everything that has been going on there.
  7. We find out all of the technology that we love so much comes from aliens and that we are all just pawns in their intergalactic game of chess.
  8. And last but not least Armed Guards!!!!!!!!

That is my very small rendition of the pros and cons of raiding area 51. I personally wouldn’t do it in respect for our own government in keeping secrets and making America a great place to live, but I hope that this group does raid area 51 because I would like to see how everything would turn out. I just hope if there is aliens there that they do not destroy earth because they have been revealed to the public while if there is aliens here and they have the technology to come all of this way then they could probably destroy earth with the snap of their fingers. Thank you for reading haha!!!!!! Good luck raiders of the area 51 lost arc!!!!!!

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