Excalibur Strength is awesome!!!

This post is about a game that is available on the Play Store and it is free with in app purchases.  The game is called Excalibur Strength and you can get it here Link to Excalibur Strength Presently the game has 4 and a half stars but I personally give it a 5.  The story behind the game is that the sword, Excalibur by it self is in the afterlife and it has to fend off all of the envious souls that couldn’t lift the sword from the stone in life and that is where Excalibur gets the strength and why it is known as one of the most powerfull weapons in the universe.  Excalibur Strength is a classic hoard game with unlimited waves. The game has 7 special moves and the monetary system is bones. You can use bones to unlock new weapons and special features.  You can unlock the whole game for a purchase of 20 dollars worth of bones, or you can just play the game until you have earned enough bones to unlock what youd like.  Personally I love the back story of the game about envious souls and the strength of Excalibur being derived from eternally battling the souls.  Its a decent game with pretty good graphics and audio.  The audio is very good, you can switch between 3 different songs to play while your playing.  So go download the game and rate it. Its only for android and it is a great all around action game. You’ll love it.

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