Genie Lamp Free a silly app for android!!!

Genie Lamp Free is a funny voice recognition app where you rub the lamp and make a wish to a genie and the genie gives a reply based on what you say.  The app has over 5,000 downloads on google play store. Genie Lamp Free is where you can go to try the game. Its awesome because its free and you might get a few kicks out of it.

So go download GenieLampFree and leave a review for the developer jacs@pps on google play store.  As far as I know its the only genie in a lamp app that you can actually talk to.  They have a lot of great apps on there who knows what those guys are up to. The app is just for entertainment purposes and only available for android devices so I guess that’s too bad for all the apple gurus out there. Thanks for reading and go download that app. 😉

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