New Hobbies to Try This Summer

Summer is here, and it’s a great time to try something new and exciting. Whether you want to get outdoors, learn a new skill, or express your creativity, there are plenty of hobbies to choose from. Here are some ideas for new hobbies to try this summer:


Hiking can be one of the easiest and most accessible ways to explore and enjoy the outdoors at your own pace. You can find trails for all levels of difficulty and experience, from easy walks to challenging climbs. Hiking can also improve your physical and mental health, as well as connect you with nature and other hikers. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes, a backpack, some water and snacks, and a sense of adventure1.


Skateboarding can be intimidating, but it can also be a lot of fun and rewarding. Skateboarding can help you develop balance, coordination, agility, and confidence. It can also be a creative outlet, as you can learn different tricks and styles. You can skateboard anywhere there is a smooth surface, such as parks, sidewalks, or skateparks. You will need a skateboard, of course, as well as some protective gear like a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads1.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a hobby that can challenge you physically and mentally. Rock climbing can improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, and problem-solving skills. It can also expose you to beautiful scenery and new friends. You can start rock climbing at your local climbing gym, where you can take an intro class and learn the basics of safety, equipment, and technique. Once you feel comfortable, you can venture out to outdoor climbing spots1.


Gardening is a hobby that can bring you joy and satisfaction. Gardening can help you grow your own food, flowers, or herbs. It can also reduce stress, boost your mood, and beautify your surroundings. Gardening doesn’t require a lot of space or money; you can start with some pots, soil, seeds, and water. You can also use online resources or courses to learn more about gardening tips and tricks2.


Painting is a hobby that can unleash your creativity and express yourself. Painting can also relax you, improve your focus, and enhance your mood. Painting doesn’t require any special talent or skill; anyone can paint with some practice and guidance. You can paint with different mediums, such as watercolor, acrylic, oil, or digital. You can also paint different subjects, such as landscapes, portraits, abstracts, or anything that inspires you3.


Surfing is a hobby that can give you an adrenaline rush and a connection with nature. Surfing can also improve your fitness, balance, coordination, and mental health. Surfing can be done on any body of water that has waves, such as oceans, lakes, or rivers. You will need a surfboard that suits your size and skill level, as well as a wetsuit if the water is cold. You will also need some lessons from a qualified instructor or a friend who knows how to surf1.


Astronomy is a hobby that can expand your horizons and inspire you with wonder. Astronomy can help you learn more about the universe and its mysteries. Astronomy can also be done from anywhere that has a clear night sky; all you need is your eyes or a pair of binoculars or a telescope. You can also use apps or websites to help you identify stars, planets, constellations, and other celestial objects3.

These are just some of the many hobbies that you can try this summer. Whatever you choose to do, remember to have fun and enjoy yourself! 😊

The Best Trails to Go Hiking on in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a hiker’s paradise, with thousands of miles of trails to explore in its state parks, national forests, and scenic areas. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly hike, a challenging backpacking trip, or a stunning waterfall loop, you’ll find it in the Keystone State. Here are some of the best trails to go hiking on in Pennsylvania, according to various sources12345.

Mount Minsi via Appalachian Trail

If you want to experience a section of the famous Appalachian Trail, which spans 14 states from Georgia to Maine, you can hike the Mount Minsi loop in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. This 4.8-mile trail offers spectacular views of the Delaware River, Mount Tammany, and the surrounding Appalachian Mountains. The trail is well marked, in good condition, and easy to get to. There are also several waterfalls and rock outcrops along the way to add some interest and variety. The trail is moderately difficult, with some steep and rocky sections, so wear sturdy shoes and bring plenty of water.

Ricketts Glen Falls Trail Loop

One of the most popular and beautiful hikes in Pennsylvania is the Ricketts Glen Falls Trail Loop in Ricketts Glen State Park. This 4.1-mile trail passes by 21 waterfalls and countless other cascades along two branches of Kitchen Creek. The waterfalls range from 11 feet to 94 feet in height, and each one has its own unique shape and character. The trail is well maintained, but it can be slippery and steep in some places, so use caution and wear appropriate footwear. The trail can also get very crowded on weekends and holidays, so plan to arrive early or visit on a weekday.

Pulpit Rock and Pinnacle Loop

For a rewarding hike with stunning views of the Lehigh Valley and beyond, try the Pulpit Rock and Pinnacle Loop on the Appalachian Trail. This 9.2-mile loop takes you to two of the most scenic overlooks in Pennsylvania: Pulpit Rock and The Pinnacle. Both spots offer panoramic vistas of the rolling hills, farms, and forests below. The trail is moderately difficult, with some rocky and steep sections, but it’s well worth the effort. The trail can also be very busy on nice days, so be prepared to share the views with other hikers.

Montour Trail

If you’re looking for a flat and easy hike that’s suitable for all ages and abilities, check out the Montour Trail, which was named Pennsylvania’s Trail of the Year in 2017. This 63-mile rail trail is one of the longest non-motorized trails in the country, and it goes through Allegheny County and Washington County. The trail follows an old railroad corridor that was once used to transport coal and coke from the mines to the steel mills. Along the way, you’ll see historic landmarks, bridges, tunnels, wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife. You can hike any section of the trail at your own pace, or bike it if you prefer.

Glen Onoko Falls Trail

For a challenging but rewarding hike that takes you to three spectacular waterfalls, try the Glen Onoko Falls Trail in Jim Thorpe. This 3.7-mile trail follows Glen Onoko Run as it cascades down a steep gorge in the Lehigh Gorge State Park. The trail is very steep and rocky, with some scrambling and climbing required, so it’s not for beginners or faint-hearted hikers. You’ll need good shoes, water, snacks, and a sense of adventure. The trail also requires careful attention to avoid getting lost or injured. But if you make it to the top waterfall, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the valley below.

These are just some of the best trails to go hiking on in Pennsylvania, but there are many more to discover and enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a short stroll or a long adventure, you’ll find a trail that suits your needs and interests in this diverse and beautiful state.

Happy hiking!

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